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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Peak oil 7 : Did we miss it?

As I speak May 2005 is the month of maximum oil (all liquids) production. We had expected it to pick up post Katrina etc, it has but not enough. Many variables and possible inaccuracies are involved but, as of now, we are waiting and hoping that global production will increase again. I personally think there is a higher top to come, but it may not be much higher. I guess we are on the plateau and within a very few years it will be clear we are on the downslope. That will test our humanity and wisdom, I hope (maybe in vain) we will not be found wanting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agric,my friend,...you see the worst scenarios that can be....myself,have no doubt that the big oil conglomerates will continue until they have sucked every drop of oil and bit of change from everyone's pockets...then,bein the big business of the world,the will simply pull out another energy source out of their stash and work with that...to think they have no backup is a bit naive.
Right her where I live,we alrady get all our electricity from Nuclear powerplants.
Nuclear energy will be pretty well undeletable and the process is already perfected pretty much,as are other forms of energy lie wind,water etc.
These methods just haven't been important enough as long as the money pours in from oil products.
...and the drawbacks of electic vehicles will succumb to the need to build transportation.
Wood and metal allys can be used instead of pastic as they once were in the past.
Its the anger and immaturity of men themselves that will spell doom for mankind.
The undying need for money and power in many humans need to be quelled or energy will no longer matter to most of us because only the rich and powerful will have it within reach.....us common and honest working folk won't be able to afford energy,PAC

27/3/06 02:54  

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