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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A balance of terror

[Ooops, this post was actually posted 21st July, accidentally replacing the previous post that was here that is now gone]

Hezbollah currently are predominantly a terrorist organisation, one of their stated objectives is the eradication of the Israeli state from the Mid East.

Hezbollah was spawned by the invasion of Lebanon by Israel in 1982, their killing of tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese, their near total destruction of much of the Lebanon's infrastructure. That time it was to do a similar job on the PLO in Lebanon. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Yes, suicide bombings and missile attacks on civilians are 'terrorism', Hezbollah and Hamas do these terrorist things. They are evil and bad things to do, I want them to stop doing such things.


Using such terrorism as excuse for wanton military destruction of a country's infrastructure is also terrorism. Such state terrorism by a democratic state (Israel) is even more sickening.

The US supports this terrorism by Israel, it maybe even encourages it. The US has done likewise in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let me be very clear: both Israel and USA have deliberately chosen excessive military TERRORIST actions. They have attempted to justify their actions as 'reasonable' but anyone who gives it a more than cursory glance with open eyes could see otherwise.

Perhaps worse, the state terrorism of Israel and USA is counter productive. Israel might be gaining a semblance of short term peace and control but at the probable cost of increased desperation by palestinians in future. The USA hopes to secure access to mid east oil reserves but will acheive the withdrawal from global supply of a good portion of those reserves before too long.

Lebanon and even Syria are almost insignificant in this game, the USA and Israel have a bigger prize in mind: Iran. They both see this as the main key to Israeli security and US control of mid east oil. For the world this is a no win situation, if the USA wins then they have the freedom to plunder and squander the oil reserves, if they lose the US and global economy go down the tubes.

Hezbollah is like a gnat, it kills less Israelis in a decade than Israel has killed innocent Lebanese in the last week. Yes, Hezbollah is wrong and doing wrong, but Israel is more wrong and doing more wrong. It will come back to haunt them just as their previous incursion into Lebanon over 20 years ago has. I fear this time a rubicon may have been crossed and Israel might now be irrevocably seen as an intolerable 'cancer' in the region by all arab states and the vast majority of their populations.

Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, just about any other 'terrorist' organisation you can name - these are not the serious terrorists. Those are the powerful states, the ones who can project their military might and meddle in other countries, shape global policies and trade, bully diplomatically, economically, militarily. Take note populations of those states: when 'threatened' they respond with inappropriate and excessive force, and that applies when 'threatened from within' as much as from without.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there. Thanks for the comment. I've had a bit of an introduction to permaculture through reading Starhawk's work. A vegetable and herb garden is definitely something I intend to do in the future. I will probably give it a shot next spring.

Since I have a black thumb, I need the practice! But I did well with catnip last year.

I will be checking out those sites you posted. Thanks and hello, nice to meet you.

10/7/06 14:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have to wait until next year for any planting, as I have so much more to get done this year.

I only intend to remain in this house until '08, so there will be only a bare minimum of planting done. Enough for beauty.

"Think like a plant"... I never thought of it like that. "Water me, please. And could you make sure I get enough sunlight? Thank you." lol

Not terribly concerned about people "following comments" but email always works well!

11/7/06 13:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This page covers the Hezbolla article quite nicely


9/4/07 09:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My I suggest people take up sailing. I recently did and my boat uses wind power.
Peak oil? Get a boat folks.

11/5/07 22:20  
Anonymous DA said...

Too busy with your vegetables to keep up the blog? Times have changed and ways have parted... we are very different people from the time we first met but sometimes I still find myself wondering how you are.

12/4/08 22:36  

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